Executive Board

Cindy Liu, President
Dept. of Managed Health Care
Denise Murata, Vice President
Dept. of Consumer Affairs
Bill Liu, Treasurer
CA Gambling Commission
Brandon Louie, Secretary
Dept. of Motor Vehicles Services

Members at Large

Jenny Giang
Dept. Managed Health Care
Siek Run
Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

Advisory Board

Jean Chong
APSEA Foundation, Co-Founder
Eric Hirata
Department of Alcohol, Beverage Control
Randy Kaijoka
Dept. of Correctional Health Care Services, State Pharmacy Manager
Jeff Ogata
CA Energy Commission, Assistant Chief Counsel
APSEA Foundation Legal Counsel
Jean Shiomoto
Retired, Former Director of Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Darrel Woo
Sacramento Unified School Board Member

Past APSEA Foundation Presidents

Susie Y. Wong (2017-18)
Randy Kajioka (2014-17)
Susie Y. Wong (2013-14)
Pauline Sing (2012-13)
Howard Iwata (2011-12)
Henry D. Nanjo (2009-11)
Mitzi Higashidani (2008-09)
Srikanth Balasubramanian (2006-08)
Randell H. Iwasaki (2005-06)
Jean Chong (2004-05)
Darrel "H" Woo (2003-04)
Stim Suzuki (2002-03)
King Gee (1999-02)