Each year, the APSEA Foundation awards educational scholarships annually to residents of the greater Sacramento region attending four year universities/colleges, community colleges and vocational schools. Through the generous donations of corporate, community organizations and individuals, the APSEA Foundation has awarded approximately $100,000 in scholarships over the last eleven years.

The APSEA Foundation strives to expand the understanding and knowledge of our future leaders by highlighting the nexus between government, politics, business, and communities. Thus, the Foundation, in partnership with the Asian Pacific Islander Capitol Association (APICA), will continue its efforts to develop on a summer fellowship program, a unique program to include both experiences at the Capitol and state agencies.

What are the details of the award and how and when are scholarships paid?

APSEA Foundation will issue scholarship awards in one installment at the APSEA Foundation and APSEA Scholarship Gala, unless specified by the sponsor organization funding the scholarship award.
Checks are either presented at the Gala Dinner, mailed from APSEA Foundation to each recipient's home address, or made payable to the college for the student. This will depend on the sponsorship guideline.
The award may be used to pay for education related expenses only.